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Music Distribution to 100+ streaming platforms.

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Artist Dashboard

Take control of your music career with your own artist dashboard. You can check detailed data/analytics about your streams from your Spotify and Apple Music artist profiles once connected.

Track Royalties and Data

We payout your royalties directly into your bank account every month.

Easily Split Payments

Automatically assign a percentage of your song royalties to your song collaborators, writers and producers


Proud Partners With Spinrilla

Keep 100% of your copyrights

When you understand your data, you're able to plan better and make the most of your fans favorite music from you. It's your music and you'll own it 100%.

Pre-saves and Pre-orders Included

Create a Pre-save link for your next record to let your fans know early. Create a ITunes pre-order link so fans can purchase your record before it releases.

Access Future Royalty Advances

We offer advances for upcoming releases. Apply within your artist dashboard and we can determine how much you're eligible to receive.

Unlimited Releases

Register for Free, pay for your first single or album release with us and then just pay that plan yearly for unlimited music releases and put out as many singles, EP and albums as you want.

Have your music streamed on your favorite platforms

Kedar Frederic
IG: @kedarsongs

Former VP A&R of Tunecore

Congrats to the IndieDistroCo team. Happy to provide insight and strategy. They built this platform to specialize and use quality resources to push talent and culture forward.

Pricing Plans

Whether Releasing A New Single, EP or Album, We Got You Covered



Register for Free to setup your account.

Music distribution to 100+ services

90/10 Royalty Split

Release 1-4 Songs

Unlimited Releases yearly after paying for your first release with us.

Keep 100% of your copyrights

Pre-saves and release day smartURLs

Split Royalty Payments

Customer Support Team



Register for Free to setup your account.

Music distribution to 100+ services

90/10 Royalty Split

Release Up To 25 Songs For Your Album

Unlimited Releases yearly after paying for your first release with us.

Keep 100% of your copyrights

Pre-saves and release day smartURLs

Split Royalty Payments

Customer Support Team


Why Choose IndieDistroCo.?

IndieDistroCo. provides an easy to use transparent platform for independent artist to distribute their music unlimited. We only split royalties 90/10, so you keep 90% of your profits and get unlimited releases. We have built great relationships with the artist on the platform because we can be reached and you won't be waiting days for email responses.

Do You Offer Marketing?

IndieDistroCo. has partnered with The Famous Factory to provide premium marketing services such as Youtube Ads, Youtube Playlisting, Soundcloud Growth, TIk Tok Ads and Streaming strategies. IndieDistroCo knows all these services are important for your single and videos to grow. Later this year you will also be able to distribute your music videos to Apple Music, Tidal and more with us.

When I Leave My Current Distribution Company To Join IndieDistroCo, Is The Process Easy?

When you are transferring releases you’ve previously distributed with another distributor to IndieDistroCo, we recommend that you request takedowns with your previous distributor after IndieDistroCo has delivered your music and videos successfully. The guidelines of streaming services and music stores don’t allow the release of the same music through multiple distribution services as this causes conflicts regarding distribution rights.

How Soon Will My Music Be Live On Streaming Platforms?

IndieDistroCo has seen artist music up live on streaming platforms anywhere from 3 days to 1 week if the music, music info, cover art, and features are uploaded correctly.

Do I Get Paid Royalites Every Month?

Yes, you will get paid royalties every month into your account.

How Does The Pricing Plan Work?

The Single tier is $19.99/yr and the EP/Album tier is $49.99/yr. For both you would pay the upfront fee of either $19.99/yr if you're releasing up to 3 songs and $49.99/yr if you're releasing up to 25 songs. After you pay the upfront fee ($19.99/yr or $49.99/yr), you would be able to release unlimited music each year. Your only cost is the first upfront payment yearly.

Check Out Some Client Testimonials

Nick Merich


Awesome Distribution!

"While building businesses it's really difficult to meet people that can see your company's vision, add value, and trustworthy. Rey is that guy - he always thinks for others and always looks for a win-win solution."

Maurice Keith


Great Service!

"Just had an absolutely amazing conversation with Rey in regards to cultivating the future of my consulting business endeavors. I have to say this was by far one of the most empowering conversations I've had to grow my business"

Reo Wilson


Amazing Consulting!

Rey has been awesome from the start very cool and humbled dude always answers his phone and ready for business at anytime of the day thank you so Much for helping me build my brand ."

CJ Green


100% Recommended!

"Rey is the best man, he gives extremely good customer service and gets the job done for you every time. I recommend him for sur

Frank Ware

Artist/Label Owner

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"I have nothing but great things to say about IndieDistro! They offer a one of-a-kind experience, walking me through a step-by-step process that made everything make sense with starting my new venture. "

Ali Berke


Highly Recommended

"Rey and IndieDistro are top notch. They provided outstanding service, results and great communication!!"

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